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Liberty Secutiry Bomber Jacket #505 $46.99

Horace Small Long Sleeves Shirts Poly/Rayon Deputy Deluxe #HS1120 Start at $59.99 and up

Horrace Small Basic Security Shirt Poly/Cotton Long Sleeve #SP56 $24.99

Horrace Small Basic Security Shirt Poly/Cotton Short Sleeve #SP66 $22.99

Horace Small New Generation Stretch Trouser in Dark Navy only ; 74% Poly / 25% W. Wool / 1% Lycra #HS2331 $86.99 Size: 28-54 or 4-24

Horace Small New Generation 3 Jacket 100% Polyester * UNISEX * #HS3350-Dark Navy / #HS 3351-Forest Green / #HS3352--Black / #HS3353-Brown / #HS3354-Spruce Green $149.99

Horace Small Upgraded Security Shirt Long Sleeve #SP36 $24.99

Horace Small Shirt /74%Poly/25%Wool/1%Lycra /D.Navy #HS1446-Short $68.99 or Long sleeve-#HS1445 $78.99

Horace Small New Generation Stretch Short Sleeve Police Shirt 75% Polyester 24% W.Wool and 1% Lycra: #HS1446 $66.99

Security Shirts 100% Polyester by Edwards - Long Sleeve Shirts- $26.99

Security 100% Polyester Short Sleeve Shirt by Edwards $22.99

Horrace Small New Dimension® Poplin Twill Long Sleeves #HS1112 $38.99

Horace Small Short Sleeves Shirts --65%Poly/ 35% Rayon; Deputy Deluxe Mens Short Sleeves#1218-1225

Horace Small New Dimension Streach® Poplin Twill 65%Poly/ 35% Cotton: Short Sleeves #HS1208 $36.99. Long Sleeves $49.99(call or e-mail/fax to order long sleeves)

Shirt with Zipper--100% Polyester--Horace Small Sentry® Plus Men's Long Sleeve #HS114 5 $46.99

Shirts with Zipper- 100% Polyester--Horace Small Sentry® Plus Men's Short Sleeves #HS1245 $45.99

Horace Small Horizon Technologies® Twill Men's Long Sleeves-Dark Navy #HS1391/ White #HS1395; $49.99 sizes: 14-20 or Ladies sizes:S-2XL only

Horace Small Horizon Technologies® Twill Men'Short Sleeves #HS1392-Dark Navy/ HS1396-White; $44.99; Size:S-4XL

Horace Small Heritage Trouser 55%Poly / 45% Worsted Wool ® #HS2118-Pink-Tan / #HS2119-Dark Navy / #HS2121-Navy / #HS2122-French-Blue-Heather: $110.99 Sizes:28-54 or 4-24

Horace Small Heritage Collection® All Season Pants / 55%Poly / 45% Wool: #HS2123 / Dark Navy only; sizes;28-54; $79.99 and up

Police Wool Pants 2 Billy Pockets/ Dark Navy 100% Worsted Wool- $69.99 sizes: 28-60

Horace Small New Dimension® 4-Pocket Trouser #HS2333-Dark Navy / #HS2341-Black Sizes: 28-54: or 4-24 $49.99

Horace Small New Dimension® Cargo Trouser 6-Pockets #HS2343-Dark Navy / #HS2345-Black Size:28-54 or 4-24 ; $65.99

Horace Small Sentry™ Plus Trouser 100% Polyester-Open Hem #HS2102-Black $43.99

Horace Small Horizon Technologies Trouser 100% Polyester® 4 Pocket #HS2286-Dark Navy /#HS2298-Black/#HS2300-Forest Green: $47.99 & up; Size: 28-54

Horace Small ® 6 Pocket Cargo Trouser #HS2360 -Dark Navy / 6 pockets 28-54 / Ladies: 4-24 at $79.99

Horace Small HS2360 65/35 polyester-cotton ® 6 Pocket Cargo pants; $69.99 Sizes:Men 28-44 / Ladies:4-24

Stretch-Shirt Deputy Deluxe - Short Sleeves HS1490 sizes;S-4XL men's ($64.99-$79.99) or Long Sleeves #HS1492-Dark Navy; start at $69.99-$86.99

Horace Small Deputy Deluxe -Long Sleeves #HS1120 at $66.99 to $79.99

Horace Small Heritage Trouser 55%Pol / 45% W. Wool; 28-54even sizes #HS2118 & 2410 Pink-Tan/2119 and 2211-Dark Navy at $114.99

Horace Small Ohio Sheriff Trouser in Heather Gray/ Black Stripe 100% Polyester Size : 28-54 or 4-24 #HS 2550 $55.99

HS Sentry Florida Sheriff Trouser; Sizes 28-54; Spruce Green/Black Stripe #HS2294///Spruce Green-Gray stripe #HS2272 $49.99// Women's HS2295-Black Stripe/HS2271-Gray Stripe;sizes 4-24

100% Polyester--Horace Small Virginia Sheriff Trouser PinkTan/Brown Stripe #HS2277 $79.99

Horace Small The Apex Jacket 100% Nylon Swing Cool Soft Shell, 4-Way Stretch in Midnight color-- #HS3342 $149.99

100% Nylon -Midnight Blue- JACKET-Horace Small The Force 3-N-1 #HS3334 $299.99

Horace Small-Sentry Windbreaker® Jacket Unisex #HS3423-Green;HS3424-Black;HS3425-Brown;HS3426-Dark Navy $99.99

Horace Small Sentry™ Windbreaker Unisex #HS3425 $96.99

Horace Small Hi-Visibility Safety Vest #VyV6y $22.99


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